Yacht & Ship Registration

The benefits of registering in the Cayman Islands are as follows:

  • Established in 1903 at the Port of George Town.
  • An efficient, tax-neutral, international finance jurisdiction that offers a wide range of first-tier financial and business services
  • Modern, comprehensive maritime legislation based on English Common Law allows flexibility for owners without compromising safety and offers excellent mortgage protection provisions to secure the rights of mortgagees and financiers
  • IMO participation through the United Kingdom Government
  • Full British Consular services and Royal Naval assistance and protection for Cayman-flagged vessels are available worldwide
  • High quality local expertise in the fields of banking, Company management, legal and accounting services.
  • No income, corporate or capital gains taxes exist in the Cayman Islands.
  • Political stability and full British Overseas Territory status.


Documents which require to be submitted for registration are as follows:

  • Appointment of authorized officers.
  • Form GSR 342 - approval of the ship's name.
  • Application to register, either by the owner or his agent, who is authorized in writing, and under the Company seal in the case of Company ownership.
  • Title documents
  • Certificate of survey - to be organized through the Marine Survey department, using classification societies, if necessary, in the short term.
  • Declaration of ownership.