Cayman Enterprise City

Corporate Management Solutions (Cayman) Ltd. is pleased to be a partner of the Cayman Enterprise City. We provide advice and assistance in setting up a company in the Cayman Islands as well as on-going corporate services and administration.

By setting up a Cayman offshore company in Cayman Enterprise City as part of your global structuring strategy, you can cost-effectively establish a genuine physical presence offshore with staff on the ground, to enhance your competitiveness in the global marketplace and generate tax-exempt active business income in the Cayman Islands.


  • 100% exempt from corporate tax
  • 100% exempt from capital gains tax
  • 100% exempt from sales tax
  • 100% exempt from income tax
  • 100% exempt from import duties
  • 3-4 week fast-tracked set-up of operations
  • English-speaking British Territory
  • 5 year work visas granted in 5 days
  • P owned offshore
  • Strategic base to access global markets
  • Convenience of NY/EST time zone
  • Cross networking opportunities
  • Currency pegged to the US dollar
  • Safe, secure, first-world infrastructure

Eligible Market Sectors

CEC can accept companies and divisions of companies that are involved in, facilitate or support these key sectors:

  • Internet & Technology
  • Media & Marketing
  • Commodities & Derivatives
  • Biotechnology & Life Sciences
  • Education & Training

Other CEC Benefits

Access to Global Markets

Access new, lucrative markets such as Latin America, North America and beyond by setting up a Cayman offshore company in CEC, to cost-effectively establish a genuine physical presence offshore with staff on the ground and generate active business income in the Cayman Islands. It is ideal for tax mitigation as there is no corporate tax, no capital gains tax, and is rapidly becoming one of the world's best tax exempt zones within one of the world's leading tax exempt countries. Companies are setting up branches or international head-quarters in CEC from which to expand globally.

No Visa Restrictions

There are no H-1B visa restrictions so you can immediately locate key staff from any country to the Cayman Islands, particularly those that may not be able to get H-1B visas in the US. To get around H-1B visa issues, CEC can obtain 5 Year Work/Residency visas for your personnel within 5 working days. You can hire who you want from wherever you want (they will need a medical and a police clearance proving they do not have a criminal record). There is also a good local talent pool in the Cayman Islands should you need non-technical administrative, management, accounting, legal and back-up support staff. Our clients can use our free jobs portal to help you finding good local staff, should you need to.

Intellectual Property

Your Intellectual Property can be owned by your Cayman Company and held offshore then licenced internationally from the Cayman Islands which is a tax-neutral jurisdiction. You may also be able to benefit by establishing your IP offshore early, as part of your overall business strategy in order to ensure maximum value throughout your company's lifecycle and to avoid any migration issues later. Your tax advisor can advise you in this regard, or we can put you in touch with one of our contacts at a 'Big Four Global' accounting firm who can advise you on the best structuring.

You can operate your business from a free zone where there is no corporate tax, no income tax, no payroll tax, no capital gains tax and no sales tax. With offshore company registration and setting up in CEC you will be operating from a Special Economic Zone that also entitles you to appealing concessions granted by the Cayman Islands Government which make it even more attractive. Companies across the globe in the Internet & Technology sector, in Media, Marketing and Film, in the Biotech and Life Science industries, and in Commodities and Derivatives are establishing offices in CEC as part of their global tax mitigation and expansion strategies.