About Cayman

Jurisdiction of Choice

Cayman's status as an international financial centre derives from the foresight of some early legal practitioners and a receptive government who, in the mid 1960s, together drafted and enacted legislation to build on this modest beginning and take advantage of the absence of any form of direct taxation on individuals and corporations based on income or wealth.

To this day there are no income, inheritance, sales, corporation, capital gains, property or withholding taxes in the Cayman Islands.

The Cayman Islands is currently the world's sixth largest international banking centre in terms of both total liabilities and total assets held in financial institutions.

Cayman continues to attract service providers such as lawyers, accountants and administrators of the highest caliber, making the jurisdiction attractive to foreign investors. The wealth of international expertise available in Cayman is one of the key factors making Cayman a jurisdiction of choice. Clients have access to a wide array of services including banking, trusts, funds, Company management, structured finance, vessel and aircraft registration, insurance and stock exchange listings.